E03 - "All Your Data Are Belong To Us"

We hear the words “they have your data,” or “they’re selling your data,” or “they’re keeping my data” and we think of it as some ethereal thing that has no merit to our lives. The results of this theft are hidden from us, and in many cases, on purpose.

This episode, I sat down with Tim Shea, a data scientist with a political background, to understand what it actually means when we say “they’re taking our data.” Then, I flew out to D.C. to speak to Bryan Lane, a data expert and senior government official, to learn more about how data is captured and indexed, and to start to hear about how it’s being used against our interests.

Guests featured this episode:

Tim Shea - Tim is the founder and CEO of Latticework Insights.

Bryan Lane - Bryan is the Director of Data and Artificial Intelligence at the General Services Administration.

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